Family Collage

Family Collage
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Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Moment Of Sudden Revelation!

Just when I was getting my writing groove on and making significant progress in book #2, WHAM! Something new, an epiphany perhaps, took precedence over my WIP and shifted me in a direction like never before. I assure you, this unique and poignant project will consume most of my spare time in order to make it a success for everyone involved. So as my blogging days become sparse, if not absent in the coming weeks, please understand that something amazing is in the works.

Until next time, goodnight everyone! Love, Tory

Saturday, October 9, 2010

R & R and Homecoming Week at MHS!

Soon after I embarked on this adventure to become a published author I made three promises to my family and friends: 1. To set practical goals. 2. Not expect too much too soon. 3. Never give up.

So, a few days ago, when each promise was seriously reconsidered, the words "Revise & Resubmit" entered my vocabulary, as one of the Super Agents with the full of my manuscript asked to see my story again after revisions were made.

At first, the thought of combing through each line in my 400 page novel felt, well, like climbing Mount Everest barefoot. But after realizing this was the closest I'd come to gaining representation for my story, it seemed as if a match had been struck beneath my bum, forcing me to get busy editing EVERY.SINGLE.WORD.

So, onward and upward I go, moving one step closer toward representation for book #1. Hopefully, at the end of this journey, my family and all of you will have the opportunity to read this exciting tale of Callie and Scott.

In closing, I'd like to share more pics from another great week with the family! Have a fantastic weekend, everyone! Tory

Homecoming week at Millry High School. This photo was taken on "tacky/nerd day," and let's just say that Conner felt mortified wearing this tacky outfit & ridiculous hairstyle!

Catie before the parade.

Hoping to fill their bags full of candy and beads, Carlie and Conner listened carefully for the parade to begin.

"Throw me some candy, please!" Court begged!

It was such a fun week for us all! Go Wildcats!!!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

A Week In Review!

Apologies for the lack in blogging lately. It's been one of those busy weeks in which the days have passed too quickly and the weekend has crept upon me.

The remedy I've found for such chaos? A book...a very good book!

It seems the more tumultuous my life becomes, the more I find comfort in reading or writing, hence the reason I stayed awake 'til midnight this week reading THE HELP by Kathryn Stockett.

One of my dearest friends, Tarah Olewski, loaned THE HELP to me a few weeks back, and now after finishing the page-turner, I understand her motivation for recommending it. Tarah knew I'd appreciate the brazen main characters, Skeeter, Minny, and Aibileen! Oh, just thinking of these characters now makes me want to start all over again. So Tarah, thank you so much for encouraging me to read this beautifully written story. Without a doubt, Stockett's debut novel has stirred every emotion possible, particularly those of true friendship and love for mankind.

Before leaving you today, I'd like to share some photos from another exciting week at the Minus household.

For me, there's an escape unimaginable in the written word. Just as the renowned Canadian laureate, Margaret Atwood, wrote in her poem, SPELLING, "a word after a word after a word is power." And after witnessing our twins, Carlie and Conner, read their very first book with 100% accuracy, I couldn't agree more with Ms. Atwood. A word after another is power!

Doing "homework" with her big brother and sisters, Courtney (in the middle chair) entertained us with her three-year-old version of MAX THE CAT.

No time for sleeping in this morning, Catie and the other cheerleaders travelled south to Bulldog Country for a fun-filled day of cheering for the midget football team!

Trae surprised our children by bringing home their favorite quarter horse from Sumter County. Conner did his best to ride Honeybun like a real cowboy and succeeded beyond epic proportions (note the toy pistol tucked beneath his belt).

During the past two months, Catie has taken riding lessons at an equestrian center in our area, and is now able to loap independently on Honeybun. Of course her love for riding horses has put a huge smile across her daddy's face. She is counting the days until SECRETARIAT, a movie based on the Triple Crown Winning horse, premieres next week on the big screen.

Catie enjoyed leading her sweet cousin, Madalyn, on Honeybun.

And just like her mommy, Courtney Erin is completely worn out from all the fun and excitement that this week had to offer! Zzz... Have a great weekend, everyone! Tory