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Family Collage
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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter 2011

The kiddos and I enjoying our Easter Sunday together - Tory, Courtney, Catie, Carlie and Conner

Courtney and me

Courtney, me and Mom posing for a few pics...

Catie and me

The cutest twinkies in the world - Carlie and Conner

Gram with a few of her grands...

I hope you all had a blessed and happy Easter surrounded by those you love most! Love, Tory

Friday, April 8, 2011

Away we go...

I must confess, it's relatively rare these days that I sit at my computer and wonder what I'm going to type. Hah! If only my fingertips could move as fast as the thoughts in my head. Indeed, the impact of TJ's story weighs heavy on my mind, pressing my heart with each word that he shares during our interviews.

Usually there is plenty of time for laughter...he makes certain of this!

The struggles TJ has faced, the obstacles he has overcome, yet through it all a smile has remained on his face. He is one of the sweetest, most heartfelt 21-year-olds I've ever known; so poised and confident that everything happens for a reason. As the mother of a six-year-old little boy named Conner, I pray each day that my son will look to TJ as a role model and follow his example of dealing with the uncertainties of life in a positive manner.

I admire TJ the most because he is willing to put himself out there for all to judge with a keen eye, even sacrificing his privacy in order to help millions who are suffering and in pain. He believes that for every disabled person he inspires, his efforts are well worth every minute spent.

This privilege I have been given to write TJ's story is an enormous responsibility - one that I do not and will not take lightly under any circumstance. He is one that can, and will, inspire many people; and I will do my best to convey his story while respecting those who have given him the opportunity to move forward with his life.

Now, before I sign off for the night, I promised on March 23rd that a special event would take place today. So...

for those whose names are listed below, please shoot me an email at , and I'll reply with the necessary information for you to receive your T'shirt and poster that was donated by TJ's family members and friends.

Tameka Harpole
Julie Musil
Rhonda Renee
Christy Middleton
Emily Feely
Emily Martin
Bud Ranta

Most importantly, I wish to say THANKS to all who have supported this project and prayed for TJ a full recovery. Have a wonderful weekend, everyone! Love, Tory

Friday, April 1, 2011


"We are sorry to inform you that your project is not a match for us at this time." It's the sentence that every writer dreads to receive in their inbox. Yet, unfortunately, this happens all too often to newbie writers before they are successful in gaining literary representation for their projects.

From the first query letters I sent out for The Human Candidate, I realized that finding a literary agent was not going to be simple. There had to be a substantial amount of research performed and a polished proposal to support my qualifications for being the perfect person to write this incredible story. So, instead of allowing self doubt to get the best of me, I rolled up my sleeves and went to work!

Now some of you following this blog may wonder why TJ chose me to write his story in the first place. Well, I hope that in the near future you will have the opportunity to shake this young man's hand and ask him this and other questions for yourself. But for now, I'll do my best to provide you an answer.

From the moment I stood by TJ's bedside in Atlanta, I knew from the look in his eyes and the calmness in his voice that he chose me for a reason. TJ knew that I was willing to go the extra mile without compromising the respect and dedication of those who had worked tirelessly to help him and his family. He knew that I would adhere to his wishes regardless the outcome or the pressure from others to reveal more than I should.

TJ and I relate to one another's pain and sufferings in life and understand when the other says, "Sometimes you just have to make the best of a bad situation and find a way to move forward!" We get that disease and injury spares no's not a question of "If" but "When" a close family member, neighbor, classmate, or co-worker is diagnosed with a chronic illness or becomes injured as a result of an accident. We understand that life is worth living and worth helping as many people along the way.

For TJ and his family, it is such an honor to take part in this remarkable journey, and I am forever grateful for the confidence they have found in me. Above all, I thank God for giving TJ and me strength to persevere, and our families and friends for supporting our efforts to bring this story to life.

Much love, everyone, and have a wonderful weekend! ~ Tory