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Family Collage
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Monday, August 30, 2010

What A Weekend!

Conner was nothing but smiles during the football game at Wildcat Hill!

Catie's favorite cheer: Our team is D-Y-N-A-M-I-T-E!

Carlie loved watching her big sister cheer for the Wildcats!

Carlie, Courtney, Catie, and friends from school giving each other manicures and pedicures!

After spending the majority of Saturday afternoon watching Catie cheer at Britton Field and then back home to a house full of rambunctious youngsters, I had every intention of mopping floors today and catching up on some much needed laundry. Unfortunately, due to a vicious stomach virus that crept into our safehaven, little Carlie is home from school with a terrible tummy ache.

When Carlie's symptoms began yesterday afternoon, I felt certain her loss of appetite and sudden fatigue was a result of intense play with her big sister and friends from school. But when I heard her feet scurry across the upstairs bathroom in our home, I knew it was something more. Throughout most of the night, I was nurse-made to little Carlie, changing her sheets after an accident occurred and refilling her water cup in order to prevent dehydration. WHEW! This definitely brought back memories from years ago when the twins were infants. To this day, I'm still not sure how we survived those first months of sleepless nights and around the clock feedings.

With less than a few hours of sleep, I rolled out of the bed this morning feeling as if a freight train had struck during the middle of the night, while Carlie awoke in the best of spirits. She is definitely showing signs of improvement, cracking jokes with Courtney and keeping a birds-eye-view on her little sister as she puts together a Dora puzzle on the floor nearby.

So as I look back on the past twenty-four hours with Carlie, I realize that even though my laundry pile has tripled in size, I'm so thankful for being able to care for my little munchkin.

Hopefully, if your Monday has kicked off to a crappy start, this post will help you see that it's best to find the good in times of distress rather than dwell on the misfortune in your day! Happy Monday, everyone! Tory

Oh, one last thing before I go! Still no rejection emails from Dear Super Agents:) YEAH!!!


  1. I hope your little one is doing much better! It's tough to watch them when they're not feeling well, huh?

    Fingers crossed for super agents!

  2. Oh what a bummer on the sickness! Good news on the super agents front though - we're pulling for you!

  3. Thanks, Julie! I knew you would be able to relate to this post, given that you're a mom to twins as well.

  4. Hi Tory! Hope all is going well and if you have time, stop by the new website that Julie and I just launched. It's Hope you have great news to share soon!!!