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Family Collage
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Sunday, January 22, 2012

A big announcment on the way to Alabama!

Remember when TJ Atchison, Roman Reed, and Senator Keahey got together in November? Well, a lot has taken place since that evening in Chatom, Alabama.
Third from left, Senator Keahey shares with the group his desire
to make spinal cord injury research a priority in Alabama.  
As I type this blogpost tonight, these incredible men are making final preparations for a press conference that will be held before January's end. TJ plans to invite local and national media outlets to join him, Roman and Senator Keahey (D-AL) as they reveal exciting news about spinal cord injury research in Alabama. 

For those of you who know TJ, Roman, and Senator Keahey, you understand the meaning behind my words, A BIG ANNOUNCEMENT. Indeed these gentlemen pour their hearts and souls into everything they do, so it will definitely be an event you will want to follow closely. 

Please understand that I do not want to disclose any more information about this announcement, because TJ has waited months to share this exciting news with you; it is not my place to say or do anything to jeopardize this moment for him, I simply want to make people aware that something BIG is in the works for this young man. It is sure to be an exciting time for all spinal cord injury patients, the State of Alabama , and for the Nation!
Until then, TJ has asked that I extend his sincere appreciation for all of the support and prayers that have been lifted up to him and his family.  He feels blessed beyond measure to have each of you in his life, and so do I!  Good night, everyone. Much love, ~ Tory


  1. SOOOOO excited about this! And what an first class tam TJ has working to bring awareness and light to his amazing story! GOD BLESS you all and best wishes on this journey! Love and prayers for you, TJ, Roman, Marc, Elaine and everyone else involved! Cant wait to hear all about it!!! - Jess Ross

  2. Can't wait to hear!!!Please let us know when it is.