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Family Collage
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Monday, August 13, 2012

We're Moving!

For those of you who know how close we are to our family in Millry, this title certainly caught your eye, right? :)

My little munchkins: Courtney (inside the box), Catie, Conner, and Carlie holding her doll Rocky
As I finish packing our things for the move to Birmingham this week, I am CRAZY busy scheduling last minute playdates for my children and wrapping up my job responsibilities at CWEMC.  There has been so much activity in our lives these past few weeks, that I've not had much time to really let this move sink in, until this evening. 

The children and I started praying about relocating after "TJ's Law" passed in May, and the recruiting process began for me to help build this special program - one which is VERY dear to my heart and will benefit thousands who live with or care for a loved one who suffer from a spinal cord injury.  I am passionate about helping the paralysis community, and I feel it is such an honor and privilege to be involved with this incredible program. 

It is definitely hard leaving those we love and all that is familiar to us in Washington County, especially with most of our family here, a job that I have loved since day one, a beautiful home on my father's property, and a church family and school we adore. 

But God has a bigger plan for us!  And after countless back porch conversations with my mom and sister, I feel a tremendous sense of peace about this huge leap of faith.  The children are beyond excited, which is a total confirmation from above that this is best for my family.

I can't wait to unpack more of the story with you in the months ahead, but for today, I just wanted you to know our BIG news.  Cheers to the future of paralysis cure, moving trucks, boxes & all!


  1. sad that your beautiful family is moving away from Millry, but happy for you at the same time. I wish you and your family the very best of luck in Birmingham. I pray the kids adjust to everything and everybody. Good luck with the new job as well. God bless you!!!

  2. What is more compassionate and righteous than to give of yourself in the hopes and actions needed to help ease true suffering.

    To help a person confined to a wheelchair. I wish it was only one person paralyzed. The fact is there are over 1.275 Million Americans paralyzed from spinal cord injury and over 5.6 Million Americans suffering from some form of paralysis.

    I am paralyzed and I have to find a cure. You aren't paralyzed yet you chose to work and enable paralysis cure for Millions of our fellow Americans and one day the world over.

    Your choice is more impressive.

    Talk about impressive-This is a hallmark and landmark program. Consisting of the top Scientists and Administrators around. I know the top scientist and you won't get anyone better, maybe on par, but not better in all of America. The same goes for this top administrator that I have the priviledge of knowing, who is as good as anyone in the Entire Field-

    Ya'all might know her-she goes by the initials TEAM!

    Go TEAM & Kiddos Go!!

    Roman Reed

  3. We'll certainly miss you in the co-op world, but I can't wait to watch you succeed in this new adventure. Have fun!

  4. I know this was a huge decision for you (and not arrived at without much counsel and prayer). I admire your willingness to rearrange your life to be in line with God's will for you. What a wonderful example for your children (and the rest of us, too)! We are excited for what lies ahead for you and for this project. You will be in our prayers!

  5. Hello! I'm from BRAZIL and wondered how TJ Atchinson is if there was progress and what were the improvements? takes a lot to know I'm praying and rooting for him, because I believe that thousands of people.

  6. I am so glad that one of my facebook friends sent me the information about your blog!!! Birmingham, will be happy to have you, and I, would love love love, to meet you. I am a 46 year old, wife and mother. I am also a paraplegic of 29 years, due to an automobile accident in 1983!! Please, if you can fit me in to your schedule, I would love to meet you and chat. I can be reached at 647 9130. I live in Warrior, which is about 15 miles north of Birmingham. Good luck with this new adventure!

  7. Good luck my sweet friend! I will pray for you and those precious kiddos on your new adventure.

  8. Thank you all for the support! You guys are great!