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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Life-Saving Stem Cells: Southern Baptist Matriarch Shares Her Position on Stem Cell Research

(photo above: Helen with her husband Tony and family pet Bailey)

Last week I received this Facebook message from Helen Grimes who is the epitome of Proverbs 31 devoting time to her family, friends, community and also being a matriarch of my childhood church, Millry Baptist.  As she celebrates her 69th birthday today (HAPPY BIRTHDAY!), Helen inboxed me again this morning on Facebook giving me permission to share the points brought up in our recent conversation to a larger audience -- YOU. :) By the grace of God, she hopes to celebrate many more birthdays and looks forward to helping me share the importance and power of stem cell research... 

August 27th, 10:32pm

Tory can you send me information about different ways stem cells are harvested? I saw a long post from someone I know about not doing the ALS Challenge, because this person said they use aborted fetuses for stem cell research. I know there are ways to get it {research} done besides this. Am I making any sense? Just need something to reply to him. Love you and the work you do.

August 28th, 8:40am
Thank you, Mrs. Helen. The ALS Association has one study using human embryonic stem cells. Click Here These cells are harvested from left over and abandoned embryos at fertility clinics. If there is no issue against a couple trying to create a family using in vitro fertilization (IVF), then there should not be an issue against these cells being used for research. After ten-twelve years of being frozen in fertility clinics, research indicates that these embryos are no longer any good (viable tissue). They can't be donated to another couple because of the significant risk that the embryo is damaged and could cause major health issues to the mother and pregnancy. So unfortunately, over 500,000 of these abandoned embryos are tossed out in the garbage each year from fertility clinics. The great researcher we post a lot about on Facebook, Dr. Hans Keirstead in California, he discovered a way to take these garbaged embryos and use them to discover cures for people living with devastating diseases like ALS, cancer, diabetes, heart disease. Like TJ Atchison, paralyzed at the young age of 21, who was injected with over 2 million human embryonic stem cells to test the safety of these cells. I'm sending you a signed copy of my book, Inevitable Collision, when it comes out September 10th. This, and other important info, is explained in the book. I love you and hope you're doing well. Please let me know if you have any other questions. Also, you can order this awesome book on It's called Sacred Cells: Why Christians Should Support Stem Cell Research written by Ted Peters.

Thank you so much for sending this to me, I pretty much had it right but didn't want some misinformed person putting stuff on here that's simply not true. I will straighten this person and anyone else out. I support stem cell research 100%. I wish I could support your work with lots of money. But I can support it with the right information! I would love to read your book. Love you and I know as a Christian I support your work and so do a lot of other Christians !
Thursday 11:31pm
You're a blessing to all who know you, and I am super lucky to have your support, love, and friendship. Thank you very much for everything. Especially for caring and wanting to know more about this important research.
Friday 8:41am

I can't do a lot but I certainly can pray that the money for research will be made available to you and your team. I sincerely believe it's the road to many cures. Keep your eyes on the road ahead, you will be a part of the cure. Love you so much. I've been reading about stem cell research and I think it is great.
15 hours ago
Helen and I believe it is unconscionable to tell patients and their families to wait unnecessarily when -- if more funding and support were available for stem cell research -- even more cures would be available.  There are many different types of stem cells, including human embryonic stem cells, that show promise for cures. And it is great to learn each day that researchers around the globe are continuing to discover safer ways to use them for better treatments and cures. 

Today, Helen and I ask that you please take time to discover - learn - share, and give due diligence to form your position of this life-saving technology. I assure you, the next time you or a loved one is faced with a health issue, this could very well be your life-saving treatment. 

Much love, Tory! 

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