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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Pre-School Story time!

Hey, guys!

I have a couple minutes before I crash for the day, so let me jump on in and say how much I enjoyed taking my kids to the Washington County Public Library for Pre-School Story time today! Mrs. Anita, the children's reading coordinator, did a fabulous job of keeping my youngsters' attention, and maybe next time I'll remember my camera so I can snap a few pics to share with everyone.

Also, I had the opportunity to speak with the library director, Mrs. Jessica Ross (or Jess as most of us locals know the professional, yet down-to-earth young woman). For some reason, I believe Jess sensed my desire for adult conversation, because seconds later I found myself sitting comfortably inside her quaint, glassed-in office, discussing everything from YA books to classic movies (my two favorite things!). Not only did she provide information about upcoming writers' events in our area, but also support and encouragement for what I'm hoping to accomplish with my novel.

Well, I think this highlights my eventfulness for the day (minus the 23 field-trip hats I painted, or the few trips I made to my mom's house in search of milk, spaghetti noodles, and an outfit for church on Sunday) all means, she's the best Mom a girl could ask for!

Nite, everyone! Tory


  1. We were SO glad you guys joined us today for preschool storytime! Your children are adorable and I hope you guys will come again some time! I'm excited for your new book and I am thrilled to know that you are taking these wonderful ideas and putting it all down on paper for the rest of us to enjoy! Good Luck! Please let me know how we can help! - Jess
    [*And tell your daughter, the answer is YES! She can come and live at the Library if she wants to! Actually, an overnight Library Lock-In sounds like a lot of fun! I am thinking stories and movies and popcorn!:) We may have to work on that one!]

  2. Jess, that is a fabulous idea about the Library Lock-In! I couldn't imagine a better way to encourage young readers to visit the library; they would love it!!!