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Family Collage
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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Independence Day Fun!

First and foremost, I hope you experienced a wonderful 4th of July surrounded by lots of family and friends and a tasty barbecue, of course!

Now, for those of you interested in how the Minus gang celebrated our star-spangled democracy, I present a recap of our day...

Looking back, I'm still surprised that I convinced our family to dress in patriotic clothing for morning worship at our church. I tend to go a little overboard when it comes to holidays, and this Fourth of July was no exception.

Catie was enthusiastic about our plans for the day. Her favorite: The outfit! For those of you familiar with JUSTICE, Catie and I visited this trendy store last week, so she was thrilled to wear her new shimmering top with an adorable royal-blue skirt to match.

Conner simply cared less about his outfit! He's a typical boy, after all, and basically looked forward to the big watergun fight with his older boy cousins than stressing over the red polo shirt and navy shorts I laid out for him to wear. of the great wonders of raising a son - boys are usually too busy being adventurous to worry about the clothes on their backs.

Surprisingly, Carlie was not enthused about her smocked watermelon outfit! For some odd reason, she insisted on NOT wearing a dress to church, but after I explained how she and Courtney were going to match, it was a WIN situation for ME! WHEW!!! We were running ten minutes behind schedule, so I didn't have time for a melt-down of emotions. We all agree, this five-year-old will most likely grow up to become a fashion designer, so I must stay on my toes when it comes to dressing this child.

And last but certainly not least, there's Courtney Erin. She was the most excited of all this morning when it came to getting dressed for church. This spunky monkey impressed her father and me by being the first to brush her teeth and in her carseat before the others. While standing in amazement at the carport door, we listened to her chirp about the many red-colored sparklers she planned to pop at Gram and Pop's house. Yes, Courtney Erin is highly entertaining!

What about you? I'd love to know how you spent this 4th of July so please leave a message in the comment section below. Have a great evening, everyone! Tory


  1. Tory, I have to tell you again how adorable your children are! It looks like you had a fun day, which is great.

    We spent the day with family. Food on the grill, swimming, and even apple pie!

  2. As usual, loved the pics. It's funny, I know that during the school year we spend so much time blogging about our WIP's and that's also interesting to me, but I love the photo diaries and seeing how other writer/friends's families spend their summer. Your kids are georgeous Tory and it looks like you are making the most of every second this summer has to offer!

  3. Hi, Lindsay! I'm so glad you like the photos and recaps of our Fourth. With August right around the corner, I am trying my hardest to take advantage of every spare second with my kiddos. This may be the last few weeks I have as a stay-at-home mom, so I gotta make the best of it! Hope you had a great 4th w/ your family. I'll check out your blog this evening.

  4. Thanks so much for stopping by, Julie, and for sharing about your holiday weekend w/ us at Head in the Clouds! Sounds like you had a wonderful 4th w/ your family:)