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Family Collage
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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Seven Colors!

I must thank Melissa - From my somewhat serious mind for passing along an award called "Seven Colors". Thanks so much, Melissa!!

This award requires the recipient to share at least seven things that make them happy.

Just seven, Melissa? Okay! This should be a piece of cake. After all, the glass is always half full in my opinion!

1. My religion makes me happy! I try to live each day according to God's word, and I rely heavily on his comfort and mercy to get me through the uncertainties in life. In times of discouragement, I am reminded that God is the Author of life who keeps his promises! Below is a picture of Millry Baptist Church, the place my family attends bible study and worship service.

2. My family! Even as a little girl, the idea of having a large family never frightened me. From my earliest memories, I recall prancing around my parent's home pushing a baby stroller and even sleeping with a dozen Cabbage Patch babies next to me each night. Perhaps this was the result of my father being the youngest of six, or my mother being the baby of twelve. Hmmm...I'm still not sure, but I know I enjoyed hearing stories of their "lively" childhood.

Soon after Trae and I were married, I quickly realized that society had pulled away from large families. In fact, having more than two or three children was ridiculed by many. But this didn't discourage me from wanting a house full of kiddos. After experiencing a perfect pregnancy and delivery with our firstborn, Catie, I never expected to feel so much love and compassion toward another human being. But this little bundle of joy simply captivated my heart! She was perfect in every way.

Four challenging years later, we were blessed with fraternal twins, Carlie and Conner. Though we lost a lot of sleep and our water bill basically tripled overnight, these "twinkies" certainly made us believe in miracles! But the fun didn't end there. SURPRISE! Courtney Erin joined our motley crew just three days after the twins celebrated their second birthday, and she was welcomed home by the sweetest, most fun-loving children in the world. So, yes! My large family makes me EXTREMELY HAPPY!:)

3. Nature! I absolutely love spending time outdoors in God's world. Each day I'm amazed at the beauty that surrounds our home in south Alabama. Just a few miles from our home is one of the best fishing holes in Washington County, The Millry State Lake. From the banks of this 90 acre lake, Courtney and I enjoy watching the sun set above the towering pine trees. It truly is a magnificent place to spend a summer afternoon!

4. Reading! In order to be a good writer, I believe it's necessary to READ. READ. READ. as much as possible. Fortunately, as I strive to become a published author, reading is something I've enjoyed since having my mother as my sixth grade reading teacher. But as you can only imagine, my reading time is limited! Therefore, when the kiddos are down for the night, I read as fast as my weary eyes allow. Speed reading at it's best. YEP! That's definitely ME!

5. Writing! Very similar to reading, when I'm in the mood, or when my creative juices race through my veins, it's extremely difficult (and frustrating!) to stop mid-sentence during a work in progress due to ___________ (Just fill in the blank; I'm sure it's happened!). The solution to this problem: GRAM'S SWIMMING POOL!

6. My Friends! There's no doubt our lives are different! I'm an aspiring writer/stay at home Mom to four, Dana somehow manages a career and family (she's due w/ her second child next Thursday), and Tarah is the one that Dana and I live through vicariously with her free-spirited attitude and time-share in Spain. But I fully believe these differences are what make us mesh. You see, regardless the direction we go in life, we always find a way back to one other, and I'm abundantly grateful for having these women in my life. Love you both!

7. Jogging! There's a familiar saying in the Minus household, "If Mommy's running shoes are near the carport door, then her nerves have shot through the roof, and she's in dire need of a nice, long run!" It's funny, too! Even Courtney understands when I place my sneakers near the carport door.:)

Well, this is me in a nutshell! I really hope I didn't bore you too badly w/ my response to "Seven Colors!"

Now, in closing with this ridiculous, "TOO MUCH INFORMATION!" post, I'd like to pass "Seven Colors" along to the following women:

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  1. Thank you so much for the award! I like this one. I'll need to put some thought into my seven colors. I'll let you know when I am ready to post.

  2. Aww, thank you Tory! I'll definitely post my seven colors soon:-) I love the award.

  3. Another very enjoyable read and the pictures are wonderful.

  4. Elizabeth & Lindsay - I can't wait to read your "Seven Colors!" So glad you liked the award:)

    Mr. Jan - Thank you so much for stopping by Head in the Clouds, and I hope you come back soon.

  5. Thanks for my reward. Back from vacation, I will post my seven colors soon! I love reading about you and your beautiful family!