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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Grateful For The Smaller Things In Life!

Recently my family (including my parents, siblings, brother-in-law, and nieces & nephews) decided to plant a huge vegetable garden at the edge of my dad's property in Millry, Alabama. This beautiful acre of land runs parallel to our backyard, so it's basically a hop, skip, and a jump for my children to visit the countless rows of cucumbers, onions, squash and tomato plants.

On this particular evening, after delivering thermoses of chilled water to my dad and kiddo #1, I was taken aback by Dad's appreciation for the smaller things in life. In his subtle, yet gentle voice, he reminded Catie and me of the importance of spending time outdoors and enjoying the beauty of our natural world. "Our lives are full of distractions," he said while pulling clumps of weeds from a row of tomato plants. "Once upon a time, I remember when there were no cell phones and computers." With sweat dripping from the tip of his nose, he shot Catie a wink and a smile. My nine-year-old grinned sweetly and continued hoeing around the okra plants.

You see, when Dad gets in one of these melancholy moods, we can't help but listen. His words are rich in wisdom and his forethought defies the norm for the average sixty-four-year-old man. But on this sweltering evening, what surprised me the most was his remarkable ability to sense where Catie and me were in life. Somehow, he knew exactly what we needed to hear. Not only did he strike a nerve in me (Yikes! What would I do without my word processor?), my dad also taught Catie one of the greatest lessons in life: To be grateful for the little things that God has given us!

How about you? When is the last time you stopped and enjoyed the smaller things in life?

If nothing more, I hope this post inspires you to head outdoors and enjoy our natural world. It truly is a beautiful place! Have a great Thursday, everyone! Tory


  1. Tory, beautiful post. Our family spends a lot of time outdoors, exploring and enjoying the serenity of nature. We planted our garden last weekend and agree with you - sometimes the things that matter the most are the little things in life. The little moments that someday you look back on and realize they were bigger than you ever thought at the time.

  2. What a wonderful post Tory! Your words had me right there between the two yards. Good luck with your writing and with your beautiful family.

  3. Tory, your dad sounds amazing. How lucky for you and your children to be so close, and to enjoy those simple things together.

    Wonderful post.

  4. Tory, thanks for visiting today. I'm sorry to hear about those rejections, but you have such an excellent attitude about it all. With such a wonderful family, writing success would be the cherry on top!

  5. Lindsay - I love your garden post @ Thanks for stopping by...:-)

    Jeannie - I'm so glad you visited my blog today and hope you'll come back soon.

    Yes, Julie! My family is blessed to have such a wonderful Pop...he truly is amazing! Thanks for stopping by and for giving me a pep talk about rejection. I agree, landing an agent would be the cherry on top.:)