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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Meeting Gilbert Morris!

So today, I (along with 18 ladies and gents from Millry Baptist Church) traveled South to Foley, Alabama to meet the famous Christian writer Gilbert Morris. It was a thrilling experience because I was aware the 83-year-old author had written and published over 100 books, including the House of Winslow series.

It isn't only that I admire Mr. Morris as an accomplished writer, though of course I do, but I admire him even more because he has spent the majority of his life preaching God's word.

The highlight of our lunch meeting came when several ladies from our group encouraged little-old-me to engage Mr. Morris in conversation about his success in the publishing industry.

At this point, my throat tightened and my upper lip began to quiver. But instead of letting my fellow church goers down, I took a deep breath, smiled confidently, and pranced my five-foot, eleven-inch body down to Mr. Morris' end of the table. Given that I felt a dozen eyes staring at my back, I swallowed hard and bravely asked Mr. Morris for a minute of his time (I can assure you that I'd already planned an exit strategy just in case he became aggravated by my presence!).

Thankfully, Mr. Morris' face matched my enthusiastic expression. He held out his hand and offered a spot next to him at the end of the table. And for the next fifteen minutes, I listened attentively - hoping my forgetful mind would kick in overdrive and soak up every ounce of his words.

On the drive back to Millry, I thought of the experience and realized that I had been in the company of one extraordinary man!

Good nite, everyone! Tory


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  2. Yesterday was an exciting day for me. Not only was I blessed with spending time with one of my daughters, but also the ladies and gents from our church. The icing on the cake was the privilige of meeting a christian author, Mr. Gilbert Morris, from Alabama. I anticipate many more road trips for us in the future.

  3. It truly was a wonderful day... Mr. Morris was so personable, and very lively to be 83 years old. Even though I have never actually read one of his books... I now have an autographed copy that I really do "intend" to read in the near future. I was so thrilled when I stood behind him and he signed "To Lori.... the one with the beautiful eyes" in my book! I will certainly cherish that book forever!! ha ha.
    One day we will be meeting with you and asking for you to sign our books....
    Love you Tory!!

  4. Wasn't he the nicest man, and to think he even took time out of his day to meet with us was simply astounding.

    Mom - I always love spending time with you. We could be anywhere in the world together and I'd be a smitten kitten. I'm one lucky girl to have a mother like you! :-)

    Lori - Tell Mitchell he better watch out...when an 83-year-old man notices how pretty a woman's eyes are, I sense trouble! LOL! You are such a beautiful person on the inside and out, and I think Mr. Morris' inscription hit the nail on the head! Thank you for being so supportive of Head in the Clouds. Your kind words have encouraged me in more ways than one! Love you, too!

  5. I was glad that you got the chance to talk with Mr. Morris. He was by far JoAnne's favorite writer. She read a large majority of his books and was looking forward to meeting him before her untimely death.
    Also, I had a great time with this super group of ladies from MBC