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Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Significance of Vocabulary: Teens and Word Choice!

Last year, I found a hefty, brown box at the top of our guest bed-room closet that was full of mementos from my high school days. Not only were there precious photos and memory albums, but also two, five-subject notebooks completed with journal writings from my 9th - 12th grade years.

Sadly, I assumed the journals had been misplaced (this was hard to swallow because so many that were mentioned are no longer here today), yet after opening the box and spending a solid hour flipping through the faded pages, I felt relieved they were safe. Yes, I cringed at some of the entries from my petulant past, but the longer I read, the more I realized each entry was my way of growing into myself. Sure, there was the usual high school drama (and of course, best-friend and boy troubles!), but most importantly, I found an intriguing language that had not been used in over a decade. I was fascinated with the word choice and stunned to have taken so much time in documenting those trivial years.

The point I'm trying to make is: The relation between vocabulary and writing is strong and unequivocal. And even way back when, I guess I loved to use words to tell a story, my adolescent story.

What about you? Did you keep a journal or hold onto to any letters from your high school days? Do you believe it's a healthy approach for kids (especially teens) to journal? I'd love to know what you think!


  1. I do think that is important for our children to keep some sort of journel or notes. These are important for them to be able and look back and reflect on what they did and how they might have grown from those experiences.

    P.S. I have my memory book and all my pictures and letters from high school in a hope chest. James asked me all the time why I don't just trash that, but I always say I cant, it was my life.

  2. Journaling helps me to see where God has brought me FROM and the things He has brought me through...Our lives are so busy and our minds crowded with so much stuff, it helps to have something to look back at to help us remember... the good, the bad and all those things in between.

    I think that although our kids may not really "love" the idea of journaling now.. they would surely appreciate the memories when they get to be my age!

    Love you Tory... and am really enjoying your blog!